Creation Process

Every set of Inner Wisdom Beads and High Vibration Jewelry goes through a Creation Process that elevates the energy signature of each piece.  Linda begins by opening  sacred space with candle & prayer.  She intuitively listens and brings elements from worldwide origins together until each piece feels balanced and complete.  Once the set of Inner Wisdom Beads or Jewelry is made, the journey continues....



Linda walks the Labyrinth that is on her land with the Inner Wisdom Beads and Jewelry.  Each step is a prayer.  May these beads find their way to those who will benefit from their support and love.




Singing them into the World!

Linda opens her heart, clears her mind and allows the sound vibrations of her voice to infuse each set of beads.  Linda says, "It feels like birthing the beads into the world by singing to them. Each song is different, beautiful and sacred."

Crystal Energy Bath

Crystals are treasured gifts from the Earth! For thousands of years, crystals have been used for their healing properties. The beads and jewelry are placed in a bowl of high frequency clear crystals to infuse the elements of the beads.

Lastly, the beads are surrounded by the healing sounds of a Crystal Singing Bowl that balance and seal the Energy that has been infused throughout the Creation Process.


 Inner Wisdom Beads

Ancient cultures have used beads as a tool for spiritual practice. The energy held within each bead supports personal intention and assists in recalling the power of stillness where peace and wisdom reside. Bring forward your inner wisdom as you work with beads from around the world; crystal, mineral, wood, seed, glass, and clay. By using intention and adding your personal symbols, you create a sacred tool that resonates to your unique energy signature that is all your own; beautiful and timeless.

Benefits of Inner Wisdom Beads

1) Brings your awareness and focus to the present moment.

2) Assists listening within for your guidance and wisdom.

3) Brings comfort in a tangible way during times of distress or grief.

4) Reminds yourself of the sacredness in all life.

5) Self-discovers using this resource tool as you work with your beads.

6) Aids in prayer and meditation practices.

7) Offers stability while seeking clarity and insight into life situations.