Story of the I AM

I sometimes wonder why I was chosen to receive this sacred information about the I AM. There certainly would be more qualified candidates; those who have devoted time and energy to the study of symbols, or those whose life work revolves around studying spiritual texts. Perhaps this happened to me because I was open to receive, and my mind and heart were in gratitude. For whatever reason, the following is the unfolding story of how the I AM material came into being.

It began March 2011; I received a call from a dear friend who said she wanted to take every obstacle out of the way so that I could travel with a group of women to the South of France to study Mary Magdalene and Sacred Symbols. Humbled and grateful, I say ‘Yes’. I wanted to offer a gift, so in deep gratitude, I created necklaces with the sacred symbols for each of the women to carry on this pilgrimage.

As we traveled through France in May 2011, I felt a deep sense of connection with the land. When we arrived at Chartres, the cathedral loomed large. Built in the 12th century, it housed one of the most famous labyrinths in the world. It was a holy walk; within the turns of the labyrinth, where pilgrims from lifetimes before had brought their prayers. As I began my own walk, I felt heavy and nauseous. I prayed, “Why am I feeling this way?" The answer returned as a thought that was not my own. “You are releasing the distortions placed on these symbols over time and bringing them back to neutrality for humanity today.” Releasing this in the center of the labyrinth, I returned much lighter.

We continued our pilgrimage to a cave where Mary Magdalene taught her disciples. It was not a tourist sight. One needed to know the land owners and receive permission. Forty-five minutes of walking through cow pastures and over electric fences, we arrived at the very small cave.

The energy within the cave was alive with Magdalene’s energy; her love dancing off the cavernous walls. Leaving the cave, I gave thanks and heard, “You will bring forward the sacred symbols in a new way”. I did not know how this could be possible, but the words were clear.

Arriving back home to my family, I waited to see what would emerge from this extraordinary experience. After two weeks, I woke up one morning with words floating in my thoughts about Oneness and Separation. As I sat down at my computer, the words of the I AM Blessing came flowing out onto the screen. These words were Powerful. These words were Truth. These words came from God/Source/Love.

From the words of the I AM Blessing more information was revealed that has culminated in this I AM material and working with fourteen sacred symbols to balance the Feminine/Masculine energies within the Chakra system. You are invited to explore this website, the information and the products that have come from working with the energy of the I AM. Please feel free to write me ([email protected]) with your thoughts, questions and insights into what has been given as a gift for humanity today.  I continue my own journey, learning more about the symbols and the message they offer.

Linda J. Burns

Since 1993