Spiral - Ancient symbol for a spiritual journey and the evolution of the universe, creation, growth, expansion and cosmic energy.

Heart - The bridge between finite and infinite, present and eternity. The heart integrates the energy from above and below, bringing masculine and feminine energies into balance.

Infinity - Unending progression of time representing the connection to all that exists, crossing the boundaries of Earth and Spirit, reminds us that we are always connected to those we love.

The symbol of the I AM shows infinity loops radiating out in every direction. At the center point is a clear crystal, amplifying the energy within and without.  Together, the energies of these three symbols merge to create a powerful statement.

I AM, WE ARE Infinite; an endless spiraling energy of love.
The love that is the Spirit/God/Source radiates into our hearts,
which in turn spirals outward to others. This love is then reflected back to us.
I AM that I AM that I AM
There is No Separation.

The pictures above show Lora Chiehowsky working on the prototype for the I AM pendant.  The process in developing this design evolved over eighteen months   of conversation between Linda and Lora. Because of the high demand, the I AM necklace is now being manufactured by a company in the USA.