Sacred Symbols of the I AM

Illustrated Meditation Cards

38 Beautifully Illustrated, 5 x 7 Cards (2-sided)

Packaged in an Ivory Organza Bag

Original Artwork by Pandora Christy


A Symbol is a door into the inner world of the soul, through which we can access the energy and meaning that belongs to this sacred dimension of our self.” - Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee



A New Methodology Designed to Balance the Masculine/Feminine Energies within the Chakra System.

The Divine Essence of this material comes from the words of the I AM Blessing, a blueprint of Unity for our time. These 14 sacred symbols have re-emerged, free from distortions to assist humankind in creating a new reality of Oneness.

Explore the energy of the Sacred Symbols through your own personal belief system.

How to use the Chakra System:

  • Draw a card each day
  • Work with a Symbol for a week, placing it on a sacred space
  • Work with the 4 cards for a particular Chakra
  • Ask a question, and draw a card or a 3 card spread
  • Be open to receive messages and thoughts over a period of time

Examples of the Sacred Symbols of the I AM Illustrated Cards are seen below:

Why Balance the Masculine and Feminine Energies?

  • Our Family/Culture/Experience influences who we are in relationship to our masculine and feminine energies. 
  • Our true nature emerges when we balance ALL aspects of our self, bringing us into alignment with who we truly are.

I AM the Goddess; the beauty, the nurturer, the intuition; the companion of Truth.  I AM the God; the strength, the courage, the confident action; the companion of Truth.”